Camilla Andersen
+47 41 84 88 98


Camilla Andersen is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Oslo, Norway. She graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photography spring, 2015.

Her work as a photographer has political views on both social and anthropological issues related to cultural diversities, gender, sexuality, environment and nature. Her work is intimate and strong, and gives an insight to people and environments that are close and important to her.





Short documentary filmmaker for Nordiska museet, 2018-2019
Climate change fellow at The GroundTruth Project, 2016
COP21 fellow at The GroundTruth Project, Paris, 2015
Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo, 2013-2015


”Arktis - medan isen smälter” - I will be part of an upcoming exhibition at Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, fall 2019-2020. I have created 7 climate change related short docs from different Nordic and Arctic countries.

"Transit", LIMBO - Identities in transition, Oslo, 2015

Arctic Meltdown, TIME Magazine, 2017

In a land of thundering reindeer, suicide stalks the indigenous Sami, Stat News, 2016

Arctic’s indigenous head home after a historic climate agreement, the GroundTruth project blog, 2016